About Us

Amplify the music in you

We bring the power of crisp, untamed sound to your guitar playing.

Music is not just entertainment or pure passion; it's a whole universe on its own. We founded SKS Audio with one goal in mind – to help you explore the wonders of music and rock out professional tunes with our high quality guitar effect pedals.

We know how overused the word "Passion" has become, but that's the absolute truth in our case. We are a team of music enthusiasts and engineers and to us, life is a combination of stunning guitar riffs, blazing solos and fascinating rhythms. Back in the days when we were aspiring to become the rockstars of the world, we couldn't afford high end equipment. It was tough to manage sounding like a guitar beast with pedals and amplifiers who simply lacked power.

SKS Audio aims to never let that happen to you. You breathe music and you deserve to express yourself in the loudest, wildest and most articulate way possible. We want to change the life of aspiring musicians just like you - with powerful, high class equipment that won't deplete your budget.

Our product line adheres to a strict company policy in terms of both quality and sound. You can rely on our guitar effect pedals being designed in Australia after an elaborate process with both aesthetics and functionality in mind. Forget about questionable pedal quality – SKS Audio equipment parts are supplied by carefully selected vendors with thorough care. Finally, they are manufactured in top factories to finish off the elegant creation process.

Every single one of our products follows the same recipe and is tailored to ensure your maximum musical pleasure. We're planning to launch series for entry level musicians, as well as high end boutique pedals and amplifiers in the near future. Both will rest on the foundations of the SKS Audio way – flawless quality, crisp sound, and affordable price. Because you deserve them!



Guaranteed Quality

SKS effect pedals go through a delicate design and production process. Only so can we ensure you will take utmost pleasure in clear sound, vibrative variety and impressive product durability. Designed locally here in Australia, our equipment parts are supplied by carefully selected vendors. As a finishing touch, they are assembled in highly established overseas factories. An elaborate process with the ultimate goal of bringing impeccable quality to your everyday guitar playing.

Fit For Your Playing Preferences

We know playing is an art and you have your own style. Our products offer you a high class variety of ways to express yourself. Into powerful distortion effects? Our Mr. Britain effect pedal is here to bring some Rock & Roll heat. Looking for a gentle delay effect? Tender Rain will add the needed musical touch to your instrumental. Each of our products is tailored to fill a specific role in your playing habits and further improve your music experiences.

Made By People Who Care

Catchy riffs, moving tunes and guitar solos drives us crazy, just like you. This is why we put a lot of love in designing and producing our products. Our passion to bring to you the same experience that we expect from high quality amplifiers is complemented by the fact that we are engineers. Mix caring about you as a customer, the thought process of engineers and our own deep love for music, and you've got the SKS Audio quality.

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